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Starz Team

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2024 Starz Team Schedule

March 15 - Mock Competition & Sleepover

March 23 - Dress Rehearsal

April 5-11 - Mandatory Regular Classes

April 12-14 - Encore Dance Competition

May 17-23 - Mandatory Regular Classes

May 24-26 - Showstopper Dance Competition

What is the Starz Team?

The Starz Team is Bridget Dawn's Studio's competitive team. This team is for students who love to perform and dance! We don't enter competitions for the trophies, but more for the experience. Success is not measured on how many trophies are brought home, but how much the students have learned. If the dancers feel good about their performance and understand how to use the critiques to better themselves for the next performance, then they are truly growing through competition. At competitions, nationally recognized dance professionals provide students with feedback to help them improve and gain confidence in their strengths. This is a positive teaching tool- helping students to become better performers. 

The dancers on our team learn about dedication, responsibility, goal setting, team work, and stage presence. Students also gain confidence and charisma as a performer. Dancers who are on the Starz Team advance at a faster pace in their dance training than those students who perform once a year because of their increased performing opportunities. At Bridget Dawn's Studio we value the process, not just the award at the end, and we encourage our dancers and their families to appreciate all improvements and accomplishments. Our team students also participate in team parties, sleepovers, gift exchanges, and performances beyond the recital and competitions. At Bridget Dawn's Studio of Performing Arts, we view competition as an educational and fun experience.

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