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Class Schedule

Register for the 2023-2024 Season Now!

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Students must be registered a week

prior to participate in summer classes/camps.

Please note that if you are registering online you will need to send your full tuition payment and registration fee to the studio within 5 days.


Classes at BDS

Below are the styles of dance that we offer classes in. Read the descriptions to find out what style is right for your dancer.

ballet maygen.jpeg


Ballet Technique forms the basis for all forms of dance and is strongly recommended for all students.  All ballet classes focus on correct technique and terminology while students develop strength, flexibility and poise.



This expressive style of dance combines elements of both ballet and jazz.  Dancers will interpret songs through their dancing and expressions, while developing balance, and control in their movements.  Lyrical students would greatly benefit from a ballet class.



Jazz dance introduces a flexible strength into a dancer’s body while combining a strong sense of rhythmic coordination.  Students would benefit taking a ballet class along with Jazz.


Musical Theater/Acting

Learn to act and dance!  Students will develop confidence, showmanship and characterization.  Routines will be inspired by musicals and movies. Though the use of theatre games, improv and character building, work together as a team to learn what it takes to become a stronger actor, building their self- confidence both on stage and off!  Students will have the opportunity to perform acting & dancing at the recital.



Tap classes focus on learning tap terminology, musicality and techniques.  Students will develop and improve timing, rhythm and coordination. 


Acro Dance

Our Acro Dance classes follow Acrobatic Arts progressions and include floor exercises, partnering, and tumbling.  Classes concentrate on flexibility, balance, strength, limbering and tumbling.  Students would greatly benefit taking a ballet class along with Acro Dance. BDS is a certified Acrobatic Arts Studio.


Pom Pom

This is a fun and upbeat type of dance and will include learning arm placements, kicks and turns.   Students would benefit taking an Acro Class along with Pom Pom!  Practice poms will be provided. 

anna freeze.jpeg

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a street style of jazz that incorporates Hip Hop movements and Funk choreography.  Students would benefit from taking an Acro Class along with Hip Hop!



This style focuses on extension, balance and can combine lyrical, modern and ballet techniques.   Students would greatly benefit taking a ballet class along with Contemporary.


Stretch and Strength

Classes will consist of flexibility, core work, strength, toning exercises, and cardiovascular stamina.  This is a non-recital class and is solely based on improving a dancer’s overall flexibility, control and muscle tone. 


Creative Movement

This class is designed for students 2 & 3 years old.  Children can experience creativity, fun & self-expression while being taught coordination and basic motor & dance skills.  This class will not participate in the recital.

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